Living in Harmony with Society

Basic stance

The Kyorin Group’s Charter of Corporate Conduct calls for it to “actively co-exist with society as a good corporate citizen and to contribute to society’s development.”

As a manufacturer of new drugs, we aim to contribute to society by developing and supplying useful pharmaceuticals (products and services including clearly superior drugs). We also engage in educational activities to support the health of young people.

A healthy next generation will be able to power the creation and sustainable development of the highly livable and vibrant local communities that form the basis of our business activities. We pursue social contribution activities that are in keeping with our mission of being a company that supports sound and healthy lifestyles in a wide variety of ways.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the methods used to conduct some activities have been changed, and some activities have been cancelled.

Health Education Activity

Classroom visits

Photo: Classroom visits

One activity that embodies the Kyorin Group’s corporate philosophy and contributes to society is to visit elementary and junior high school classrooms nationwide, which we have done since fiscal 2017, to teach and demonstrate to the children representing the next generation the correct ways of taking medicine and washing their hands.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, online classroom visits were added in fiscal 2021.

Work experience programs

Photo: Work experience programs

Each Group facility offers internships, provides workplace tours and hands-on workshops for junior and senior high school students.

Supporting a hands-on science event for children

Kyorin Group Presents the Great Adventure for the Karada-no-Himitsu (the Body’s Secrets)

The Kyorin Group has supported the “Kyorin Group Presents the Great Adventure for the Karada-no-Himitsu (the Body’s Secrets)” program since 2016, with the idea of supporting healthy lives for children, who will lead the next generation. Suspended in 2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19, this event was restarted in 2023 on an even larger scale as the Ultimate Great Adventure for the Karada-no-Himitsu.

Also, in fiscal 2018, we launched the event-linked website Teach Me—Doctors Explain the Great Adventure for the Karada-no-Himitsu, which provides videos for children from kindergarten through lower elementary school ages describing the body’s workings and explaining diseases to deepen their interest and motivate them to learn more.

Course for the general public

Photo: Course for the general public

In June 2023, we held a course for the general public on concerns about prolonged coughing and how to deal with it to help the general public better understand the disease.

Websites for patients with ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease

Websites for patients with UC and CD

We have set up the websites “Guide to Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease” and“Intractable Disease Subsidy System for Patients with Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease,” which provide useful information on the diseases and subsidy programs for patients and their families.

Milton brand official account

Milton brand official account

In July 2022, we launched an official Instagram account for the Milton brand to provide product information and also to distribute useful information to people raising children or about to have children with online seminars like Mini-Classroom for Parents at Home through a tie-up with Benesse’s Tamahiyo service.

Contributing to local communities

Sponsoring sporting events

Photo: Sponsoring sporting events

We support the Shimotsuke Soccer Workshop in Nogi sports event, which was held in fiscal 2022 for the 22nd time, to provide local children an opportunity to think about and experience their own health management and improve their skills.

Led by former J-League player and current sports journalist Tetsuo Nakanishi, the fiscal 2022 event was held outdoors for the first time in three years, and many children showed impressive strength and stamina in their playing. Donations were also collected at the event to support the local community, and soccer balls were donated to the town of Nogi in Tochigi Prefecture.

Local cleanup activities

Photo: Local cleanup activities

As a responsible member of the local community, the Group actively participates in cleanups of local districts, including the areas around its business facilities.

  • Group companies (head offices, branches, plants, research centers): cleanup activities around business facilities
  • Noshiro Plant: Clearing away fallen leaves around government buildings, cleanup activities in Nakashima Park at Noshiro Port, and cleanup activities at the Kaneyu, a former Japanese-style restaurant
  • Inami Plant: Cleanup activities for Zuisenji Temple
  • Shiga Plant: Participation in “Sunflower Project” and the “Make Lake Biwa Beautiful” environmental conservation activities

Donations to areas affected by natural disasters

As useful support for those affected by disasters, the Group provided relief goods.

  • Support for those affected by heavy rains in the Hokuriku region in August 2022:
    Environmental hygiene supplies (Rubysta)
  • Support for those affected by heavy rains in Aomori Prefecture in August 2022:
    Environmental hygiene supplies (Rubysta, Milton)

First-aid and lifesaving courses for employees

Photo: First-aid and lifesaving courses for employees

Group employees including roughly 650 Kyorin medical representatives received training on the need for first aid, CPR, the use of AEDs, and ways to stop bleeding.