Medium-term Business Plan “Vision 110 -Stage 1-”

Positioning of Stage 3

Strategy 1Strengthening drug discovery capability to create high-value new drugs that meet medical needs

Try for drug innovation through new drug discovery strategies

  • Drug discovery for unmet medical needs and one for existing treatment by new technology
  • Create high-value new drugs
  • Take advantage of technology for nucleic acid medicines and open innovation
  • Strive for research for fibrosis, immune/inflammatory disorder and others as therapeutic focus

Image: Try for drug innovation through new drug discovery strategies

Strategy 2Expansion of development pipeline through in-licensing

Significantly strengthen in-licensing ability

  • Expand target of modality, disease area in license activity
  • Increase of investment and human resources

Promote DTx development

  • Development of DTx in otolaryngology

Image: Expansion of development pipeline through in-licensing

Strategy 3Maximization of the ratio of new drugs

Maximization of the ratio of new drugs

  • Accelerate growth of new drugs by

Stable supply of high quality drugs

  • Enhancement of manufacturing and SCM structure
  • Enhancement of quality management complied with GQP
  • Quality management system and supply chain management corresponding to new modality
Products Aimed status Goal at FY2025
Beova First-line treatment for OAB
  • No.1 in OAB market as Beova in FY2023
  • 50% of patient’s share
Lasvic First-choice antibacterial agent for elderly or patients with underlying disease in respiratory infection
  • No.1 in oral new quinolone market in FY2023
  • No.1 in new quinolone market in FY2025 for tablets/iv
Lyfnua Only one treatment for chronic cough
  • FY2025
    approx. 10,000 of GP
    approx. 2,000 of HP
Desalex Effective and easy-to-use drug
  • Sales of 10 billion yen in FY2025
Flutiform Aerosol for patients with weak inspiration
  • Sustainable growth on volume-basis to FY2025 with CAGR of low single digit %

Sales target (new drugs)

FY2022 Actual (new drugs)Sales36.1billion dollar
A graph of actual sales for FY2022 will be displayed.
FY2022 Target (new drugs)Sales56.0billion dollar
A graph showing sales targets for FY2025 will be displayed.

Strategy 4Promoting healthcare-related businesses that have synergies with the new drugs business

Achieve sustainable growth in the generic drugs business

  • Enhance an ability of drug development and accelerate growth business
  • Strive to stable supply by enhancement of manufacturing and SCM structure
  • Develop of low cost system along business environment

Strengthen production capacity for drugs and reduce manufacturing costs

  • Maximize manufacturing ability by operation at Takaoka plant and optimization each plants
  • Improve reliability and stable manufacturing by raise the level of GMP
  • Cost reduction by improvement activities

Promote infectious disease-related business

  • Develop of diagnostics business for future with enhancement in IVD area
  • Spared of Rubysta and Milton brand

Strategy 5Building a sustainable corporate foundation

Improve cost competitiveness

  • Cost optimization along business environment

Enhance human capital

  • Human resource development for people leading Vision 110
  • Revision of human resource system to improve career fulfillment
  • Promote work-style reforms to meet divers of values
  • Promote initiatives the Health Management

Respond to environmental issues, compliance, governance, etc.

  • Set target of cutting CO2emissions in 2030 and commit proactively to approach it
  • Abide by all low, regulation, codes of conduct, and the spirit thereof and act with high ethical standard
  • Strengthen corporate governance
  • Appropriate actions to stakeholders