Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy on Timely Disclosure

The Kyorin Group has established the “Basic Policy and Principles of Conduct for Information Disclosure“, and discloses corporate information required under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and the timely disclosure rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in a timely and appropriate manner.

Information Disclosure Flow

The Public Relations & IR Group, Corporate Planning Department, has been established as a department involved in internal and external information to promote and manage information disclosure activities.

Information on decisions

Material matters decided at meetings of the Board of Directors and the Management Committee are reported to the public after the Public Relations & IR Group collaborate with the relevant departments to compile disclose proposals, which are confirmed by the corporate officers in charge of the Corporate Planning, and approved by the president and CEO.

Information on events occurred

Regarding the occurrence of material facts, the Public Relations & IR Group collects information from the department that recognized the information, determines whether or not to disclose it, and obtains the authorization of the corporate officer in charge of the Corporate Planning and the president and CEO, and makes it public.

Information related to financial results

Financial statements that serve as the rationale for disclosure are prepared by the Finance and Accounting Department and submitted to the president and CEO, and are published with the approval of contents and disclosure by meeting of the Board of Directors.