About the Kyorin group

Q1What is the securities code of Kyorin?
The code is 4569 on Tokyo Stock Exchange (Prime Market).
Q2When were Kyorin stocks first listed?
They were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in March 2006.
Q3When is Kyorin’s fiscal year end?
The accounts of Kyorin closed on March 31 every year.
Q4What are the companies in the Kyorin Group?
Please refer to “Kyorin Group”.
Q5What is the Kyorin’s business?
Please refer to“Our Business”.
Q6How does Kyorin provide public notices?
A notice will be published in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

Financial in formation

Q7Where can I see announcements of financial results and forecasts?
Please refer to“IR Library”.
Q8When will the next financial results be announced?
Please check the
“IR Calendar”for IR schedules.

Stock information

Q9What is the minimum targeting unit?
Q10When is the record date for dividend payment?
The record date of the annual dividend is March 31, and the record date of the interim dividend is September 30.
Q11Tell me Kyorin’s dividend policy and dividend distribution.
Please refer to“Shareholder Return/Dividends”.
Q12When is the general meeting of the shareholders held?
Ordinary general meetings are held at the late June.
We post a convocation notice of meeting and decisions on our website.
Q13Where can I contact about the stock administration procedure?
Please refer to” Share-Related Procedures”.
Q14Dose Kyorin have any complimentary goods for shareholder?

About management

Q15What are the business risks for the Kyorin group?
Please refer to “Business Risks”.
Q16Tell me about Kyorin’s R&D
Please refer to “Products Under Development”.
Q17Tell me about Kyorin’s management policy or strategy.
Please refer to“About Kyorin”.
Q18Tell me about Shareholder Returns
Please refer to“Shareholder Return/Dividends”.
Q19Tell me about Kyorin’s corporate governance?
Please refer to“Corporate Governance”.