Infectious disease related products

With the global threat of antimicrobials resistance (MAR) and the spread of COVID-19 becoming global threats, the need for countermeasures to infectious disease is greater than ever.

KYORIN Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has a proven track record in providing solutions to medical professionals in infection-related fields, offering information and proposals for resolving issues related to infectious disease and infection control from a multifaceted perspective encompassing prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

* Drug-resistant bacteria that threaten people’s lives around the world

The improper use of antibacterial drugs is leading to a global increase in drug-resistant bacteria, while at the same time the development of new antibacterial drugs is declining, creating a major problem for international society. Estimates are that if this situation continues, the annual global number of deaths from infectious disease caused by drug-resistant bacteria could grow to roughly 10 million people by 2050, from roughly 700,000 in 2013. Measures to counter antimicrobial resistance are therefore being pursued globally.

(Adapted from Antimicrobial Resistance: Tackling a crisis for the health and wealth of nations; The Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, Chaired by Jim O’Neill; December 2014)

Image: Establishing a model for the infection-related business

Identifies pathogenic microorganisms quickly, accurately, and easily andleads to appropriate use of antimicrobials


Photo: GeneSoC®

Demand for detection equipment that accurately and quickly identifies pathogenic microorganisms in response to the coronavirus infections and antimicrobial resistance is currently growing.

During fiscal 2021, KYORIN Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. released the lightweight, compact, general medical device Compact Real Time PCR system GeneSoC mini and the GeneSoC PCR Preprocessing Kit reagent for RNA extraction, and In April 2022, the GeneSoC SARS-CoV-2 N2 Detection Kit, in vitro diagnostics to detect coronavirus nucleic acid. By developing and selling research-sed reagents for areas including respiratory infection and sexually transmitted disease as well as pharmaceuticals for in vitro diagnostics, we are contributing to the diagnosis of infectious disease and appropriate use of antimicrobials.

Contributing to the treatment of infectious diseases by raising awareness of appropriate procedures


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KYORIN Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. cooperates on surveys and academic projects covering trends in drug-resistant bacteria, working with and supporting infectious disease-related academic seminars and conferences by providing information on the appropriate use of antibacterial drugs to physicians, nurses, and other members of ICTs, ASTs, including clinical technicians. Our efforts include contributing to the treatment of infectious diseases with two types of our proprietary new quinolone antibacterial agent Lasvic tablets and intravenous drip infusion kit.

Contributing infection control at medial institutions

Rubysta and Milton

Photo: RubystaPhoto: Milton

Because much of transmission of microbes is from environment surfaces to hands, it is important to keep environment surfaces clean in addition to disinfecting hands. KYORIN Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is contributing to the control of infections with its lineup of the multipurpose disinfectant cleaner Rubysta and the disinfectant Milton, as infection countermeasure.