Social Media Policy

Kyorin Group (KYORIN Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. KYORIN Rimedio Co. Ltd., KYORIN Pharmaceutical Group Facilities, Co., Ltd) utilize social media as a means of sharing information for good communicate with our stakeholders, to enhance our corporate value.

Our policy for usage of social media

  1. (1) We recognize social media characteristics which mean that information on social media is viewed by unspecific persons and cannot be deleted.
  2. (2) We complied the applicable laws and regulations, guideline, internal rules and regulations.
  3. (3) We complied the terms of use on each social media we use.
  4. (4) We respect values and individuality of all users.
  5. (5) We pay full attention to intellectual property rights, including copyrights and trademarks, and also the privacy etc.
  6. (6) We handle appropriately personal information acquired from social media in accordance with “Kyorin’s handling of personal information”.

To Our Official Social Media Account Users

  1. (1) We do not reply to user’s posts or comments on the official accounts (Social media accounts we operate to share information and communicate). Please submit the form on the “Contact Us” page for inquiries regarding our products or others.
  2. (2) Any information posted on the official account does not necessarily reflect our official announcements or opinions. Please refer to our website and news releases for our official announcement or opinions.
  3. (3) Information posted on the official accounts is provided that at the point and may modify or remove any contents.
  4. (4) We efforts to pay close attention to information we provide, it gives no guarantee integrity, accuracy, availability, timelines, safety and reliability for information on the official accounts.
  5. (5) We may delete user’s account and block its access to the official accounts without notice for sound communication in users and us, while we respect user’s values, individuality and comments.
  6. (6) We are not liable for any damage suffered by users or third parties arising from the use our official accounts or unavailability of the accounts.
  7. (7) Please see the community guideline below and comply items mentioned on it.
    Milton Brand Official Instagram Account Community Guideline (Japanese only)

Kyorin Group’s Official Social Media Account