Corporate Brand

Origin of the Name “Kyorin”

The name Kyorin originated from two Chinese characters that represent a truly virtuous way of practicing medicine.

Long ago, a Chinese physician named Dong Feng treated the sick free of charge, and asked those who recovered from serious illness to plant five apricot tree saplings and those cured of minor illness to plant one. As time went by, a thick forest of apricot trees was formed in the area. (A story that comes from a Chinese legend named Shinsen-den). “Kyorin” is a compound of “kyo,” the Chinese word for “apricot,” and “rin,” the Chinese word for “woods.” Praising the virtue of Dong Feng, the characters were transported from China to Japan as those representing medicine and medical treatment in general.

Today, we use phonetic representation of the Chinese characters in katakana as our company name and that in the Roman characters "Kyorin" in our company logo.

It expresses that the Kyorin Group's desire for people's health, no matter how the times change.


Brand symbol

Image: Kyorin Brand symbol

Passion embedded in the brand symbol

The brand symbol conveys the image of “Smiling society” to which the Kyorin brand is committed, and to achieve this, Kyorin’s determination to take “Flexible and bold actions” and its desire to be externally “Trusted and reliable.”

Corporate Mark

The corporate mark consists of three curved lines that form a heart shaped apricot. The lines represent the smiles of patients, their families, and workers in medical services, as well as Kyorin’s three core businesses, namely prevention, treatment, and prognosis.

  • Orange : Honesty and warmth
  • Violet : The technology that brings confidence
  • Light green : Free and lively creativity

Company name logotype

Familiarity, freshness, vitality and dynamic font style is applied to the logotype.

Corporate advertising

The Kyorin Group strive to build good impression of corporate image through corporate advertising.

Supporting a hands-on science event for children

The Grate Adventure for Karada no Himitsu

Based on our desire to support the health of children, who will be responsible for the next generation, since 2016, we have sponsored the healthcare event “The Grate Adventure for Karada no Himitsu”.

In fiscal 2018, we launched an event-linked portal site which provides videos to children from kindergartens to lower elementary schools, on how they work and their illnesses.


The advertisements below are displayed to enhance the company visibility.

Advertising board

Advertising board are display at JR Ochanomizu, Tokyo Metro Ochanomizu and Shin-Ochanomizu station from 2010.

Photo: Advertising board

Tokyo Dome

Brand symbol are displayed at fences in front of dugout at first and third base from 2008.

Photo: Tokyo Dome Brand symbol