Corporate Philosophy, Long-term Vision, Medium Term Business Plan

Corporate Philosophy

Kyorin continues to fulfill its mission of cherishing life and benefiting society by contributing to better health.

Long-term Vision “Vision 110”

Our vision to become “a company that contributes broadly to people's health by comprehensively developing healthcare-related businesses, with a core focus on the new drug business, which continuously provides high-value new drugs that meet medical needs”. We will strive to achieve this goal.

Medium Term Business Plan
“Vision 110 –Stage 1–” (FY2023-FY2025)

Long-term Vision “Vision 110” is divided into three stages (Stage1: FY2023-FY2025, Stage2: FY2026 -FY2029, and Stage3: FY2030-FY2032). Statement in Vision 110-Stage1- is "transforming into the business structure to realize Vision 110", and the following five business strategies will be promoted with the aim of achieving performance target and improving support and evaluations from stakeholders.