Social Contribution Activities

Social Contribution Activities

KYORIN Pharmaceutical endeavors to contribute to society in cooperation with local communities in order to realize a mutually beneficial relationship with society. The Group promotes social contribution activities that are fitting for “a company that supports healthy lifestyles,” in order to create vibrant local communities where the foundation of its business activities lies so that people can live healthy, affluent lives, and to ensure that the Group continues to develop in a sustainable manner.

Communication with Local Communities

image of Cherry blossom viewing parties and summer evening parties

Cherry blossom viewing parties and summer evening parties

WATARASE Research Center and each plant hold cherry blossom viewing parties and summer evening parties. These events are popular among local residents.

image of Work experience programs

Work experience programs

The head office and WATARASE Research Center, each plant provides opportunities for internships, gives tours and workplace experience opportunities to middle and high-school students, and provides remote classes and workshops.

image of Local cleanup activities

Local cleanup activities

Each of our Group companies participates in local cleanup activities. One example is the Kaze-No-Matsubara volunteer cleanup activities at the Noshiro Plant.

image of Sponsoring sporting events

Sponsoring sporting events

The annual Shimotsuke Soccer Workshop in Nogi was held for the 16th time. Many local children attended, and we saw them giving their all playing soccer under the coaching of former Japan national team player Tetsuo Nakanishi.
The Kyorin Group supports many other events that contribute to people’s health.

Employee-Driven Efforts to Contribute to the Community

Since fiscal 2007, KYORIN Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has implemented the Kyorin Smile Program, a program with employee participation aimed at creating “a society that smiles.”

Major Initiatives

Initiative to Raise Awareness of Maternity Mark

Since 2009, KYORIN Pharmaceutical has been placing “Milton” advertisements near priority seats in various trains mainly in Tokyo regions. The advertisements raise awareness of the Maternity Mark, with the aim of increasing recognition of the symbol and contribute to creating an environment that is friendly to pregnant women.

image of Initiative to Raise Awareness of Maternity Mark

First-Aid and Lifesaving Courses for Employees

image of First-Aid and Lifesaving Courses for Employees

As part of KYORIN Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.’s CSR activities, the Company’s approximately 750 medical representatives receive first-aid training, covering the necessity of first aid, CPR, the use of AEDs, and ways to stop bleeding. In addition to its corporate activities of collecting and providing information regarding the appropriate use of pharmaceutical products, the Kyorin Group strives to coexist in harmony as a corporate citizen of local communities.

Support for Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery

image of Support for Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery

Since fiscal 2011, KYORIN Pharmaceutical has supported the Sunflower Project, which brings cheer to regions affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. We continued our support in fiscal 2017, growing 300 pots of sunflower seedlings at WATARASE Research Center, and donating them to the city of Natori, in Miyagi Prefecture.

2016 Kumamoto Earthquake Relief

At the Kyorin Group, we donated ¥10 million to provide relief to victims of the earthquake and assist in the recovery efforts.