Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

KYORIN Pharmaceutical considers it fundamental for its sustained operations and growth to ensure that its employees are passionate about their work. As such, we create, operate, and establish new human resources management systems with the aim of engendering in our employees the sense that this is the very best place to work. The Group is also striving to improve its level of safety and health with the goal of attaining zero workplace injuries, by preventing work accidents, improving the health of everyone who works here and further enhancing the comfort of the working environment.

Human Resources Management System

KYORIN Pharmaceutical positions valuing employees and empowering people/organizations as the most important challenge under the long-term vision for executing business strategy and realizing achievements. We therefore aim to be “the leading company for career fulfillment,” where employees take pride in their work, have trust in the Company and its organizations, and work in solidarity with their coworkers. We are working to restructure the human resources management system (hiring, assigning, training, evaluation, transfers, compensation, social welfare, etc.) and strengthen training at all Group companies under our basic policy for human resources management.

Basic Concepts of the Human Resources Management System

“Long-Term Reciprocal Partnership”

By continuously fulfilling the responsibilities expected of each other over the long term, the Company and its employees become partners for their mutual benefit (employees contribute to the Company’s development, the Company contributes to rich and rewarding lives for employees).


By carrying out their duties, contribute to achievement of the Company’s (organization’s) goals and targets.

  • Carry out duties by performing operations proactively with a sense of initiative.
  • Strive to maintain and enhance their own humanity and ability in carrying out their duties.
  • Cooperate with coworkers for the success of the organization.

People are considered assets (drivers of growth) of the Company, which values its employees and supports their growth.

  • Each employee is assigned duties that conform to their abilities and work style.
  • Each employee’s contribution is comprehensively understood, and employees are evaluated and treated fairly and consistently.
  • The Company provides a comfortable and rewarding work environment that fosters a “desire to work” among employees.

Support for Employees’ Childcare and Nursing Care

KYORIN Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. supports employees’ daily lives throughout their life cycle, including when they require childcare or nursing care, with the aim of providing an environment in which they are easily able to balance their lives between work and family. We strive to maintain an environment in which employees can feel fulfilled in their work, backed by a healthy home life.

Respect for Human Rights

KYORIN Pharmaceutical respects the human rights of all people. The Compliance Guidelines state that “There will be no discrimination or harassment inside or outside the Company based on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, religion, beliefs, ideology, academic background, disability, or disease.” The Company also respects the individuality of each employee, and has formulated guidelines to prevent harassment, to create a comfortable workplace environment where employees feel at ease. These guidelines cover sexual and power harassment, as well as harassment related to pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare and nursing care leave.

Regular Surveys on Employee Satisfaction

The Kyorin Group seeks to create a comfortable and rewarding work environment that further enhances its employees’ “desire to work.” To this end, the Group conducts surveys on job satisfaction with all of its employees.
This survey has been carried out annually for the past 8 years. The results of the survey are used as reference in creating our unique human resources management system, with the aim of becoming “the leading company for career fulfillment,” where employees take pride in their work, have trust in the Company, and work in solidarity with their coworkers.

Mental Health

KYORIN Pharmaceutical provides mental-health education to managers and employees. Our manager training focuses on prevention and early detection of mental illness, by encouraging managers to pay attention to their subordinates and promoting understanding of the specific symptoms of mental disorders. We also encourage employees to gain knowledge about maintaining mental health via our intranet and other means, and have created a hassle-free system for employees and their families to seek help. When a mental health issue arises, the employee’s department, industrial psychiatrists, public health nurses, and Human Resources Department work together to help the employee recover, return to work, and prevent relapse.

Industrial Safety and Hygiene

KYORIN Pharmaceutical has not had a fatality due to a work-related accident since its founding, and the rate and severity of work accidents are substantially below the industry averages.

image of Rate of work accidents & Severity of work accidents